Always and Forever – Part 2

Always and Forever – Part 2

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He works at the accounting department of the company where I work. We became friends later on and we started eating lunch together. He is very kind and thoughtful. Some ladies in other departments used to stare at us but I don’t mind. Well, David is such a ladies man. He is the kind of guy that other girls would die to be with.
“Hey miss beautiful. What are you working on? It’s already twelve o’clock. Aren’t we going to eat?”
I looked up and saw David just beside my table and glanced up at the wall clock. I began arranging my things, “I’m so sorry David. I got lost track of the time.’
“I know. You’re too busy to glance up at the clock. You can’t even manage to comb your hair.”
I stared at him and looked at myself in the mirror of the elevator and was surprised to see my hair. It was untidy and some strands were tangled. I immediately opened my bag and get my comb. David just laughed at me. God, what will I do without him?
“Can I ask you out tomorrow night?” David asked as we eat our lunch that day.

“Why?” I asked. I didn’t notice the disappointment in his beautiful face because I was enjoying my food. I didn’t even notice he’s not eating anything on his plate.
“Well … do I need to reason out to you if I asked you on a date?”
At that, I looked at him. I smiled as I noticed that he is so serious. ‘You? Asking me on a date? Are you out of your mind? Come on handsome, you’re just hungry.” Then I moved his plate closer to him.
He then ate silently. I tried so hard not to laugh in front of him. After we ate, he’s still not saying a word but he’s walking with me. When we arrived at my table, I looked at him and smiled, “Ok, pick me up at eight.”
“Yes!” he shouted so loud that everyone in the room glanced at us. He smiled and walked away.
David arrived thirty minutes earlier, which gave my mother a lot of time for interviews. David gladly answered all my mom’s questions. She only stopped when she saw me on the stairs.
“Someone’s seems so excited. Haven’t we agreed that you’ll pick me up at eight?” I said when my mom was out of earshot.
He laughed and sighed, “I can’t wait any longer. I am excited than you ever think of” We spent several hours together and it’s been a long time since someone made me smile.

David has been courting me for almost six months. I am very happy every time I am with him. He was trying everything to please me and give everything my heart desires.

That night, as I lay on my bed, I took Nathan’s picture on my drawer. I stare at him, smiling at me. Tears rolled down my face and I kissed his picture. “Nate, you know that I will always love you, always and forever. I’m not tired of waiting for you but do I have to wait forever for nothing? I have to move on. I have to go on with my life. I deserve to be loved. I hope someday you’ll understand.”
“Are you sick?” I immediately looked at David. “No, I’m not. Why do you ask?”
“You’re not touching your food and you’ve been quiet for thirty minutes already. You are the one who’s always talking. This is not normal.” He smiled as he pushed my plate closer to me. “Don’t you like the food?”
“No it’s not the food. It’s just… I have something to tell you. But I don’t know how to start.” I said and pushed back the plate away from me.
“If you’re going to ditch me, do it later. Eat first or you’ll never have the strength to tell it to me.” He said and laughs but I can feel the sudden change in him.
“Yes” I blurted out loud enough for him to hear.
“Yes, you’re going to ditch me?”
“God, you’re so stubborn sometimes… Yes, I think I’m falling for you.”

For several years, David and I were so happy. On our second anniversary, he surprised me by a special dinner. The dinner was in a wooden cottage in the riverbank. It was a rounded cottage with round table and chairs facing each other. Rose petals where scattered on the floor which makes the place very romantic.
Before the dinner ends, the place turns much more romantic when acoustic music began to play.
“Will you dance with me?” he asked.
“Of course…”


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