Always and Forever – Part 5

Always and Forever – Part 5

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From the NAIA Airport, I get in a taxi and spent the next couple of hours looking for apartments. After several hours of searching, I found a decent one in Quezon City. I immediately settled my things and prepared to go to Lindsey’s house. I can’t wait to see her.
When I arrived, their house was closed. I went to the store in the other side of the street. I was about to ask an elderly woman when a car stopped in front of Lindsey’s house. I was very surprised when Lindsey went out of the car with a handsome man beside her. They went inside the house holding each other’s hand.
“You want to buy something?” The woman asked.
“Uhm…soft drink. Who’s that man who went out of the car? Do you know him?”
“Oh, the man with Lindsey? He’s her fiancé, David. The two are getting married next month. Here’s your soft drink.”
“Thanks”, then I went back to my newly found apartment.
I sat on the cot and opened a can of beer. God, she’s getting married. I can’t believe it. After all we’ve been through; she would end up in another man’s arms. Tears roll down my eyes as I think of her.
I have emptied eight cans of beer when I decided to go again to their house. I won’t let her go, I promised to myself. I would fight for her till the very end.

“Nate? What are you doing here?” Lindsey was very surprised to see me as she opened the door.
“We need to talk Lindz….” I said as I stood in front of her with teary eyes.
“Are you drunk? Look, we have nothing to talk to about. It’s over between us Nate.”
“No, I won’t let you go. I can’t.”
“Please, just leave me alone, I’m getting married in less than a month.”
“Do you love him?” I asked, still in standing in their doorstep.
She gave a pleading face. It took a while before she answered me. But from the moment she began to speak, I know she was lying.
“Of course…I won’t marry him if I don’t.”
“How many times have I told you that you’re the worst liar I’ve ever met?” I said to her.
Then she began to sob in front of me. I embraced her as tightly as I could. Then I cried with her.
“I might break your bones…” I said, half laughing.
“I don’t care. I just want to feel you. Even if you break my bones, because this might be the last embraced we will ever share”
“Please… don’t say that.”, then I hugged her even more.
“Nate, you know how much I love you. But I’m getting married and there is no turning back. I’m so sorry.” She let go of me and moved to close the door. I step back and slowly went to my car. It was the worst feeling I ever had. It felt like my world shattering piece-by-piece right in front of her. I drove back to my apartment.

I parked my car and went to the door. Then suddenly, my head throbbed so bad that I fall on the ground. I tried to get up and reached for my phone to call for emergency but my head felt like it’s going to explode any moment. I tried my best but the pain was excruciating. Then, in just a few seconds, everything went black.
I woke up in the hospital the following day. Dr. Gomez was the one who made examinations and tests regarding my condition.
“Are you feeling okay now?” the doctor asked.
“Yeah, I’m feeling a little bit okay. Doc, who brought me here?” I asked.
“Oh, your neighbor. He rents the apartment next to yours. He saw you lying in front of your door and immediately calls the ambulance.” The doctor smiled.
“I must thank him then.”
“He even wanted to accompany you here but no one’s going to take care of his seven year old child. You know, single parent.”
“I see.”
“Well, I must leave you now for you to rest. I’m going to come back tomorrow to discuss the results of your tests. Goodnight Mr. Santos.” The doctor turned and left the room.
“Thanks doc.” I muttered and slept again.
I had just eaten my breakfast when Dr. Gomez entered my room with a grim face. He had the results.
“I have the results with me Mr. Santos. I have to warn you, it is not good.” Said the doctor as he sat beside my bed.
“I’m prepared doc.” I was surprised by my answer. There is something in my words that shows strength. Or maybe, I just don’t care with my life anymore that I’m even ready to die at this very moment. Lindsey was my life, my happiness, and my strength. There is no point of going on without her.
“I had found out that you have this very severe illness. Of course, I had doubts. I immediately called a neurologist to confirm my findings and few minutes ago, it was confirmed.”
“Neurologist, it has something to do with my brain.” I said to the doctor.
“Yes, it has something to do with it. Do you have close relatives who had cases like this before? You know, illnesses regarding the brain? ”
I nodded slowly, remembering my grandmother.” My grandmother, she…she had a brain cancer.” I said. Then it struck me. ”Are you saying I had a brain cancer?”
The doctor nodded slowly.” Yes, and I recommend you to take treatments Mr. Santos. It is not too late. I recommend you to undergo treatment abroad. Their facilities are much more modernized than here. I also believe that your relatives are abroad. They can look after your condition Mr. Santos. “
I was speechless. I can’t believe it.” How…how long am I going to live? You know, if I won’t undergo any treatments?”

“More or less, a year and a half. You are also going to suffer its other symptoms such as clumsiness, weakness, severe headaches and seizures. And worst, you wont be able to walk. But I greatly suggest you to take treatments. For the mean time, I will prescribed you some medicines for your headaches”
The doctor scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to me. Then he left.
Brain cancer. My grandmother had suffered a lot from it. My mother had just given birth to me that time when they discovered that my grandmother had brain cancer. She had undergone every treatment there is but it is too late. She had died a year later.
Tears rolled down my face as I looked at the piece of paper. Maybe it’s not too late for me. God, help me.
After buying everything the doctor prescribed, I went to my apartment. I took a bath and went to my neighbor to give him thanks. I spend a couple of hours there and return again to my apartment.
That night, I called Lindsey.
“Fernandez’ residence, good evening!” It was she who answered the phone.
“Lindsey? Can I talk to you? There is just something I want to tell you.”

“Nathan please… I told you. We have nothing to talk about. You are only hurting yourself.”
“Please, just this last moment, listen to me. There is something I want to say personally. This will be the last Lindsey, I promise.”
“The place where we had first met each other. You certainly know that.”



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