Always and Forever – Part 7 – Final Episode

Always and Forever – Part 7 – Final Episode

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A year later…

David and I were eating in a restaurant when a man arrived and talked to David. I was not listening intently to their conversation but I had catch up a little. They were talking something about an address of a person.
“Yes sir, positive. He’s there for over a year already” the man said.
“Thank you so much for your help Carlos.”
“No problem sir” then he left without another word.

David looked at me. He smiled and handed me a piece of paper. “I’ve found him.”
“What? Who are you talking about?” I said, a little confused.

“I can’t leave Nathalie here.”
“Come on Lindsey, you think I would let anyone harm her? I love her as much as you do.” David said as he argued at me. He’s convincing me to go to New York and look for Nathan in the address given by Carlos.
“What if…”
“Stop that ‘what ifs’ of yours. Look, you’ll never know if you won’t try, right?”
I nodded and moved to hug him.”Thank you so much Dave. I owe it all to you”
“I will do everything to make you happy…” he said.
“Please take care of Nathalie. Don’t bother to explain to my parents. I will do that when I’m back.”
“As you wish…”

I flew to New York the following week leaving my baby, Nathalie, with David.

I looked for David’s cousin, Mylene, to whom I am going to stay for the mean time.
“Welcome to New York…” Mylene said with a warm smile the moment I step in front of their door.

I didn’t waste any time at New York. The following day, I began to walk on the streets of New York to find the man I longed to see.


With Mylene’s help, I immediately found the address.
“Yes?” asked an elderly woman as she opened the door.
“I… I’m looking for Nathan Santos. Is he here?” I asked nervously to the woman.
The immediately notice the change in her expression as I mentioned Nathan’s name. “Come inside lady.”
I sat on the sofa as the woman served a cup of tea for each of us. “I am the caretaker of their house. You must be Lindsey, am I right”
I nodded to her.
“Nathan’s is in the hospital right now. He was confined there six months ago. His parents stayed all the time in the hospital leaving the house to me.”
I was speechless at her revelations. “Are you saying he’s sick?”
“Yes he is. He found out that he had a brain cancer a year ago and went back here to undergo treatments. Instead of getting better, he’s getting worst day by day.” Tears began to fall on her face as she continued talking.
“Then a week ago, he was comatose.” The woman cried harder. ’He’s always looking for you. It was even your name he muttered before he was comatose”.
I was too stunned to speak. I just noticed my tears rolling down my face as we cried together.

She brought me to the hospital where Nathan was confined. His parents were shocked upon seeing me there.
I went closer to his bed and saw his face, color draining from it. I cried and move to hugged him in the bed. Seeing him here was even more painful than seeing him leave.
I cried and cried as I hugged him. “Nathan…”

His mother talked to me later. She cried as she asked for apology. “I’m so sorry Lindsey. I know what I had done was wrong. Taking him away from you, I’m really sorry.”
“I had forgiven you a long time ago Mrs. Santos.” Then I hugged her.
I called David and told him about Nathan’s condition. He was also surprised. He then blamed himself for everything but I stopped him. I told him that it is not his fault.


Three weeks past and Nathan was still unconscious. I stayed by his side all the time. Sometimes, I talked to him, hoping that he would hear me and woke up.
“Nate… hold on. Your daughter and I need you so much. Yes we had a daughter, her name is Nathalie. She looks like you so much. Like an angel.” I touched his hands. It was very cold. Then I closed my eyes, I love you Nate, always and forever.


I heard my phone ring and immediately went to get it. Lindsey was calling.
“Lindz?” I can hear from the other line that she was crying. It tears my heart hearing her cry.
“Dave…Nathan’s gone.” She said and cried harder.”He’s gone forever.”
“I’m so sorry Lindz.” I said.
I know how much she loved him. They were part of each other’s heart. The other does not beat without the other. I wish I could hold her right now. I wish I could hug her at the moment and share with her pain.

Lindsey decided to go home after the Nathan’s burial. She took the next flight to the Philippines.
That night, Nathalie and I prepared to meet her at the airport. We were about to leave when we received a call.
“We are looking for Mr. David Reyes.”
“Are you a relative of Miss Fernandez?”
“I’m a friend. What is the matter? Who’s this?” I asked and began to panic.
“I am personnel from New York Airport. We would like to inform you that the plane in which Ms. Fernandez was a passenger, had crashed seconds after it took off from the runway…”
I had not heard what the personnel had said after that. I’ve let my phone fall on the floor. I took Nathalie and hugged her tightly as I cried.


Fifteen years after…
Fifteen years had already past, still I’m thinking of that woman, the only woman I’ve ever loved, Lindsey.
She died on that plane crash leaving Nathalie and I alone. I adopted her daughter and her parents agreed.”As long as you visit us here often,” her mother had said. Anyway, they were too old to take care of her.
Her daughter had grown into a lovely young woman. I love Nathalie so much. She filled my life with love for the past fifteen years.
“I love you Daddy…” she always says those words.
“I love you too angel.” For I considered her my angel.


One day, we were cleaning her mother’s old room when she saw a picture of a man.
“Who is this man?” she asked as she stared at the picture of Nathan.
“That man was the reason why you are here with me today, my angel. He is your father.”
She looked at the picture with glittering eyes.”He looked so much like me. What happened to him?”
“He had a brain cancer. He died fifteen years ago. He loved your mother so much” I smiled at her.”And your mother love him so much too, she had loved him always…and forever.”

The End

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